When first I met a curly woman
Singin' rhythm from the lost and found
She said her name was Cockeyed Shame
Would I take her brother Leroy downtown?
I told her I'd be glad to go
But couldn't even leave and mess around
Cockeyed Shame Well, later on in the afternoon
I went back to walk along the park
And sure enough, on down the street she comes
Bouncin' though it's almost dark
I say, "Hey, Shame, what's on your mind?"
She says, "Hiya, Lester, you feel fine."We went across to Broadway
She took me up to 1205
She turned the key and walked inside
And as soon as did apologize
"The bed's a mess, I know," she said
I couldn't help but look her in the eyes
Oh, a shameThe moral of this tale, my friends
If you wanna know the high and dry
There's nothin' I just can't pretend
Except maybe we could try for good times
If you ever see my lady Shame
Tell her Lester says hello, he's fine
Oh, a shame

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