[Intro: Mobb Deep (sample)]
All the killas and the hundred dollar billas
Hip-hop is all a nigga know (x4)
Nigga know
A nigga know
It’s…nigga know
All a nigga know
It’s all a niggga know
Yea (x5) [Verse 1: The-Dream]
You got me drowning in this ocean of blue
Don’t you dare act like you have no clue
And after all I did and all I do
This is what I get for loving you[Bridge: The-Dream]
I should have seen it coming
Soon as you walked through that door
But you was so motherfucking stunning
Even “yes” couldn’t tell you “no”
Tears of fire, my desire got me here in flames
And I don’t know what’s worse, to burn like hell
Or to bear your reign
She threw them beats on
Started bumping Frank Ocean, right in front of me
Now it’s Drake songs, followed by The Weekend
Then Miguel, now Trey Songz
Then it’s C Breezy, followed by Usher
Watching all them niggas ear fuck her
She’s trying to get up under me, under me
But she can’t get under me, but she under me[Hook: The-Dream]
Baby, you so cold
Damn, you so cold
I’m not her baby no more, she said--
I’m not her favorite no more
God damn, baby
You so cold[Verse 2: The-Dream]
Gave you all my love and you took all of me
Might as well take the rest of me, nothing’s left of me
I must admit I played your fool
This is what I get for loving you[Bridge][Hook][Outro: The-Dream]
Be like that
Why you wanna be like that?
Why you gotta be like that?
It ain’t even gotta be like that
Girl, why you wanna be like that?
We ain’t gotta be like that
She say she wanna be like that
‘Cause we can be like that

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