Used to lie in bed all day
Playing with my balls
Stroking my dick until a quarter to three
Now I'm gone and it's a drag You're a hosebag
You're my hosebag
You're my hosebagI want that girl with the [?]
I wanna take that girl from [?]
Get her down on all fours
I wanna make her, I'm gonna make herMy hosebag
My hosebag
Gonna make her my hosebag[Guitar solo]My hosebag
I wanna make a hosebag
I make her my hosebagI don't want [?], I don't want [?]
I don't want Jah, I don't want a word
I don't want Richard [?] drag
All I want is
My hosebag
My hosebag
All I want is my hosebagMy hosebag
Gimme my hosebag
I wanna make her my hosebag

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