Get In Line lyrics

Why can't they see me? (I don't know)
Don't you see me standing here? (I don't know)
Everybody been getting down
Before [?] Everybody's gonna go have fun
We gotta check it out, we gonna shake it down
Come on
Everybody come onAw, c'mon baby
(Get in line) I'll turn a ride downtown
(Get in line) And check out what's going on
(Get in line) Yeah, I know
(Get in line)Well, here she comes now (here she comes)
She's bringing all her friends (here she comes)
I know they'll stick it out
Until the very endShe's gonna do it, yeah, she gonna do it
She play some Crass, you gonna kiss her ass
Until now
Well, come party tonight
C'mon baby
(Get in line) Let's go downtown
(Get in line) And check out what's going on, baby
(Get in line) Yeah, baby, come on
(Get in line)When we're down on this Detroit night
Well, don't you get uptight, don't you get uptight, whoa no
But when you do, it's gonna feel all right
We're gonna feel all right, all right, I know, I knowC'mon, baby
Let's take a ride!
Go!(Get in line) Yeah, [?] get in line!
(Get in line) Go on, girl!
(Get in line) You know what I'm talking about, don'tcha?
(Get in line) Let's go! Let's go!(Get in line) Aw, yeah! Aw, yeah!
(Get in line) Baby, c'mon! Ahh!
(Get in line) [?] get down in my car, baby, go downtown
(Get in line) You know where we'll go, you know, yo, yo(Get in line) You know, baby, you know what's going downtown, baby
(Get in line) You know what I'm talking about, yeah! Yeah!
(Get in line) Wow! Yeah, about, baby come
(Get in line) Yeah! Oh yeah, baby c'mon!
(Get in line) Baby c'mon, oh yeah, yeah
(Get in line) For rock 'n' roll, get down, all right, yeah, yeah...
The Devil Dogs – Get In Line

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