[Verse 1]
Mirror facing mirror
Staring at the infinite repeats of myself
Finale words of winter
Linger on the lawn Pretending that we'll marry
We always said we would be when we finally grew up
Memories I bury
Kids I lived among[Pre-Chorus]
The world runs on money
It's [patrons?] have no love for simple, golden, and good
And it kills me that only in bitter nostalgia that we can go live in the woods[Chorus]
The last time I saw Lilly
We were wide eyed
We werе [?]
Last time I saw Lilly
Was the last time I fеlt like myself[Verse 2]
Face down in the playground
Staring at the face of someone's miracle son
[Hero, villain,?] victim
You're never only one
You're never only one
Needed a reminder
If only you were there to make me feel like someone
I floated into nothing
Forgot the way it was
Forgot the way it was[Pre-Chorus]
So how could I leave
Without leaving something behind
Crucial, fragile, and sweet
Because nothing inside of me
Was ready to lose all
My memories of being free[Chorus]
The last time I saw Lilly
We were wide eyed
We were [?]
Last time I saw Lilly
Was the last time[Outro]
I know there's a reason
It's hard to believe in
I guess that's my weakness
My vision is blurred
But if I go through photos
And see us together
I have to remember
That's still who I am

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