[Verse 1: CMG]
10:35 on a Saturday night
The mob is rollin' deep, hittin' switches and shit is alright
Me and my homies Jess, Tee, Cat, and Special One
We do it in the summer in Oaktown, it's strictly fun
Check the episode and the flow as I run it down to ya
Ask you how it sound to ya
See I grew a little in '92
And now it's '93 and see it's doper than most
Getting paid while them other hoes fade
'Cause they can't come close
I'm on some new, improved, gotta-get-mine-type shit
When the rhyme hit, you nots to fuck with
The C-before-the-M-G, never friendly
'Cause I never see the value in you getting close to me
And that's real G
So check out the realism in words written
The kitten you're never hittin', still shockin' shit
And giving y'all a little more of that funky good ghetto sound
So don't sleep when I creep
Shit, I'm rollin' deep [Chorus]
We rollin deeper
Yeah, we rollin deeper
You know we rollin deeper than most (nigga)
We rollin deeper
So bump it in your speakers
And let the Daughters freak you the most (Yeah)
We rollin deeper
The 40's in the freezer
We fuckin with the reefer the most (Hit that)
We rollin deeper so bump it in your Jeep'a
Because we rollin deeper than most
[Verse 2: Special One]
Now it's time for the Special One to do work
'Cause niggas say I'm doin work
Or better yet they say that I'm doin dirt
With federal shit, I'm a factor from Oaktown
So check the episode 'cause I be raw when I throw down
Oh now, I see so many rappers is runnin up
So many devils wanna get a taste of that Scarface cut
But they ain't fuckin with the women on the roster
'Cause we gotcha, now who's hot and who's not
We getting straight props
Back it up, I'm comin' through
The knuckle dirty slap happy bitch killa playa from the O
Is letting niggas know
TCD in full effect is nots to be fuck with
Never, no, not even a little 'cause the style is dope
So next time you see coming into your town
A simple "What up, K? Peace out" and a shake or a pound
And then raise up, 'cause groupies they irritate
Here today, but what can I say, I'm on the creep
We rollin' deep[Chorus][Verse 3: CMG]
Don't you get too close ho
But get a taste of the mack flow
The shit kickin, pistol whippin, young ass mic pro
CMG gets funky when she grip on the mic, see
Killin off them hookers and heffers and hoes softly
Funky little child reign born supreme like a queen
Cold, boldest backhanded bitch to hit the rap scene
Checkin' niggas like that 'cause I do work too
And I'm doing dirt so be alert when I coming through
Still mackin and pimpin and fuckin around
Servin up shit when we hit with the conscious sound
So know you what's the time when we hit the set
Servin all you suckers so you never forget
We roll deep

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