Disenchanted lyrics

Well, look at you
Hands full of money you always wanted to have
Saying sweet life is a downright drag
Down to the very last seed in the bag
As if it's never gonna end And the scene is through
Summer slipped under in this neighborhood
I'd like to hold onto you if I could
But now I'm gonna have to let you go for good
My disenchanted friendCHORUS
They say that character you play is rising fast
So you get drunk, make a half second jump
And experience it as the past
But this is it, the closer you get
The deeper you go, the tighter the net looks to meDo you enjoy the view?
They say it makes you dizzy your first time up there
'Til you get used to breathing rarefied air
Auditioning for the part of Mr. Despair
Well, I know him personally
And this hotel's a zoo
You gotta be some creature to get a room in here
You can live like a king on a throne of tears
It's a mighty long way from the innocent years
And it waits inevitably
CHORUSAnd I'm asking you
If you think that success is its own reward
Now, then, go and see what your persistence has scored
The voice is a'calling, and it can't be ignored
You might be underground, but you're overinsured
You used to be unknown, now, you're mapped and explored
You like to be untouched, now, you're handled and pawed
And it's never gonna endCHORUS

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