Space Odyssey lyrics

In nineteen and ninety-six we ventured to the moon
Onto the the Sea Of Crisis like children from the womb
We journeyed cross the great wall
Plain beneath the mountain range
And there we saw the pyramid, it looked so very strange [Verse 1:]
This beacon had a field of force, that circled all around
And not a man could get inside, no way could be found
It was here for thousands of years before our life began
Waiting very patiently for evolving man
When the galaxy was young they looked upon the earth
And saw that its position was promising for birth
They searched for life but finding none they left a beacon bright
Its signal had not been disturbed in the eternal light
How wise they were to choose this place
They knew when we arrived
That our atomic energy, we'd harnessed and survived
I look out on the milky way for people of the dawn
I know that they will come some day but will our wait be long?[Chorus]

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