Get me rich (wait)
Brand new bitch (wait)
All this life ain't guaranteed, gotta wait for certainties
Get me rich (wait)
Brand new sitch (wait)
This life got needs, I'm earning 3
Ain't wait for pussy money weed
Wait for it, wait for it
Aye (×2)
I get even, settle scores and
Opel Corsa, Michael Kors and
Wait for it, wait for it
Aye (×2)
Overdue and overseas
I just got here, won the season
Aye Verse I:
You tryna fuck up my day
You gotta step on my J's
I'm bout to smoke a bouquet
I got a plug with the haze
Been on my way to the top
I might as well make it rain
Bitch ain't nobody like me
Bringing that cham for the pain
Want my dick
25 shots at the bar
I want my pockets as fat as your mama
My niggas is starving and can't stay afloat
I need to
7k every night I do a show
Pour me a drink, no spilling my cup
Lean on the scene, and bitch I'm bout to blow
Some of these niggas know shit about me
Who they know that got the plug and the key
Somebody get me a blunt
And go out
I need to take me a Vitamin C
I know your girl want some Vitamin D
Rest assured, she can get it from me
You ain't give shit
Bitch I been going the hardest I've ever been
At 17
[Hook]Verse II:
If niggas below me, I might sag my pants
You need a Scumbaby updating your swag
We on the same page if them shits never flap
I heard the first track on your tape and I napped
808x on the beat how I live
I left my crib and my neck is a portable fridge
I'd rather spend my income than to get it and give
Coz as soon as I start loaning guys, I'm a man-eating fish
I told Vanessa she gotta believe in the kid
So I went from taxi to Uber Black quicker than Swazi and yellow girls did
My girl's nirvana say she got the power, she's been on my mind as it is
It's sad how I can't take advantage and be the man I gotta be for her coz someone told me that...[Hook]

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