[Verse 1]
If I gotta come to your house
Friday night my niggas wanna bool out
You say I been on a way different mile
Don't know how to work around that
Don't know how If you find a plan for my wealth
Guess I'll be all by myself
I don't need women who come and go in my life
Oh you can send them to hell
Dropped out of school, don't need nobody else
I got a lot on my plate
I'm on a way different tip in my head
Don't think a nigga relateMom I ain't going to school
You know I ain't follow no rules
Never been one for the books
Never looked back at the shit that I did
At the end of the month, I ain't cool
I am the one I can't beat
Humble pie all on my beat
I might be losing my mind
So y'all ain't heard shit about me
Mama don't want me at stu
Mama don't fuck with my crew
Mama blowing up my phone
Treat me like I'm three years old
Mama treat me like a bitch
Mama blame it on the drugs
Mama says I'm never sober
Mama assumes I'm a thug[Hook]
8578, 8578
Last four phone numbers, hang up, I cannot relate.(×2)[Verse 2]
Girl, I ain't been sober, not in a while
Hard to keep quiet when I'm on the loud
I need a girl who won't let me pull out
She gotta learn how to work with her mouth
Live like a rockstar, I gotta get on the news
Flashing a cam, pose, gotta look good on the news
Some of you broke ass niggas, you can't buy a clue
I'm on the henny, the way it go I coulda drank on the roof
I gotta fuck up my livers, I get it
You can not stop a nigga on a mission
I told my new bae it's over
I know that bitch do not fuck with my vision
My nigga, she ain't putting out
Oh that's a flame over there, I bring her buckets of ice
She said it's cool she don't care, she got the world in her hands
And I got the world my shoulders, I need a set of quaaludes
I told that her dad lemme be, your daughter fuck on me
Coz I got the key to the key, who's a key to the city
That mayor prestige, girl I don't ball out of budget
I ball to get fit in my jeans
[Bridge & Hook] (×2)

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