Caledonia Mission lyrics

She reads the leaves, and she leads the life
That she learned so well from the old wives
It's so strange to arrange it, you know I wouldn't change it
But hear me if you're near me, can I just rearrange it? The watchman covers me with his remedy
I can't see and it's hard to feel
I think his magic might be realI can't get to you from your garden gate
You know it's always locked by the magistrate
Now, he don't care why you cry, you know he thinks it's just a lie
To get out, I don't doubt that you'd make a tryIf the good times get you through
I know the dogs won't bother you
We'll be gone in moonshine time
I've got a place they'll never findYou know I do believe in your hexagram
But can you tell me how they all knew the plan?

Did you trip or slip on their gifts, you know we're just a con?
You knew it, why'd you do it, I've been hiding in the darkNow I must be on my way
I guess you really have to stay
Inside the mission wall
Down in Modock, Arkansas

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