Take It Off lyrics

[Verse 1: Big KRIT]
Feelin' the vibe (what else?)
Grippin' the wheel (what else?)
Grabbin' my drank (what else?)
Crackin' the seal (what else?)
Huggin' the curb (ok!)
Watchin' the laws (uh huh!)
I scooped the baddest yellow bone that nigga done saw
Say she need the swag, the foreign tag
The (?) shirts with the pants to match
The scream and dash, the kick in the back
She like to look me in the eye while she play in my lap
She wanna, work somethin' twerk somethin' for a pimp
Gotta, stay down, never fuck with a simp
Blowin' up like a blimp and she know that there
Tell her took that ass up while she throw that there
[Hook: Big KRIT] x2
You gotta take it off shake it off, let me see you sweat
You gotta take it off shake it off, twerk it like a vet
You gotta take it off shake it off, and let me see you sweat
You gotta take it off chick let me see you get bent[Verse 2: Big Sant]
I've been a trill nigga for a long time
Come up off that lame lap so you can jump up on mine
Pill poppas and boppas say I'm growin' and they hoein'
Ice on everything and clothin'
Plus the rain, I guess it's snowin'
I ain't come to play around
Would you take it on me, clown?
Would your candy ever wear (?) ain't trippin' bout a crown, mista
I'm down to do the damage homes
She ain't got no panties on
5-6 in the heels, I'm blowin' keel and got the camera on
That's the kind of plan I'm on, like the (?) man
In the A I get more Georgia Dome than a Falcons fan
And she ain't ask shit, ain't tellin' shit, she know the business
The doors go up, I tell her get in[Hook: Big KRIT][Verse 3: Big KRIT]
Hey, what the deal, me lady?
How you feel, me lady?
If you down for the cut, let me drill me lady
In the back of the club, in the back of the whip
I know you good for the suckin' the way you lickin' your lips
Don't play no games with me, ain't no thang to me
Never trick on a ho, shawdy I fucks for free
Then we hit the suite, get in some freaky shit
You ain't fuckin' with Krizzle unless you fuckin' the clique[Verse 4: Big Sant]
I'm about to ball out
Bring the broads out
Pull a stunt
If you ain't finna fuck KRIT, then you ain't finna fuck Sant
I'm relaxin', she give me satisfaction
Charge you for what I get for free, it's just a transaction
I'm out and I'm mashin' my (?) when I pull up
She better act (?), cause later on she gonna wish she woulda
Mouth on me lane to lane with the crews on
Told her act right and I might let her keep her shoes on[Hook: Big KRIT][Outro:]
These men here? They wanted you dead
Why did you try to kill me? Huh?
I could never die, until I say!

The Alumni – Take It Off

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