Get Up Off Me lyrics

I could give a fuck 'bout a hater, cause I'm out here water skatin' blowin' (?)
(Get up off me bitch!)
I'm shinin' on the mall, can't you tell I'm gettin' bread, nigga that's just how it is
(Get off me bitch!)
I heard the money call, I picked up the phone and said, how you feel?
(Get up off me bitch!)
(Get up off me bitch!)
(Get up off me bitch!)

Verse 1: Big Sant
I say my name so much cause I'm full of myself
Ya girl in the whip tryin' to pull on my belt
Told her hold on, this here I ain't gonna prolong
You know how much I pay for (?) you better go home
And inhale my cologne, I call it new bills
Fresh off the press, Sant dressed to kill
And I ain't say me name, I tell the chick keep walkin'
Stone cold stunnin' on a hoe like Steve Austin
Often crawlin', (?) on swingers
The whip crossed over, I'm wreckin' hoes anchor
Off the top, wrote with it like I'm Kurt Angle
Took a big dime, all she could say is thank you
I'm blowin' like the breeze, I'm headed overseas
To make a Turkish, German, Aryan to get on her knees
If you don't know by now, I guess you put this on your mind
The name is Big Sant, aka gold mine
Get up off me bitch!


Verse 2: Big KRIT
Hey, I'mma break her off
Undercover work her out type of brother
Dark Knight, hero with it
When I'm in her Gotham City
Fly guy, late night, hustler
Krizzle on her (?) and she only let you cuddle up
Bubble up
Whippin' us on pimpin', my rent good
Sell it to a hoe for the low like a pimp should
Fresh with a (?) sucka tie, gators no crocs
Shrimp on play, pussy on pop
Black on black, 'lac back more feel
Wrist out the window, chrome lips on the wheels
Tell her pucker up, buckle up
Yea, we goin' places
To the telly with a yella belly, (?) swap it, fuck faces
In and out like a rap song, beatin' like a trap song
Leanin', rockin' like a monkey like a snap song
Yea, that long, show you where the boss be
Break a chick, better tell your bitch, get up off me!


The Alumni – Get Up Off Me

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