[Verse 1: Danny Brown]
I popped a E pill and it taste like some oil sheen
Flow boiled goya beans, gasoline in saline
Red lining, red beans, phantom, raw OG's who ain't snitched, nigga
Everybody know, you just snitch, nigga
Heart rate Adderall got me on some stargate
Pacing, smoking loosies back to back
Car chase, monopolize, 'bout to take your park place
Shark face bite the style, but these niggas second rate
I cannon balled in the pool of fucking rap
And I splashed on these niggas, head first, no depth, nigga

That's why I'm black, nigga, cause y'all wack, nigga
Met Alchemist '07 in Miami
50K jewels on nigga, ask 'em about Danny

Now I'm on some Bruiser, hair looking Yakuza
Jeans extra tight and ya bitch got a ruler [Verse 2: Schoolboy Q]
Shimmy shimmy ya, shimmy yeah, shimmy Q
I guess it's time to kill this shit

Real as this, game fears, put in work
Determined I been the fierce, me getting it up is limitless
Before I started eating pussy, I was hitting licks
211's on bitch niggas, whipping with antennas
Didn't your momma tell your ass not to hang with them gang members?
Didn't listen, head missing, flatlining, Grooveline
Bad twins they too fine, dummy stay on my mind
More shots of Patron, six is my gat drive
Click-click, reload mine, green light, no stop signs
Hey Danny, let's shoot these fucking Xannies
And call that bitch from Kendrick's song, I bet it dub, we fuck on Tammy
Asthma pumper, hand prints all over her bumper
She love me long time, I'm forever that mothafucka[Outro]
Smoking keeping my cool
Black Hippy the New School Q

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