[Intro: Mr Sicc/Sample]
Yeah, babe
Feeling good Yeah[Verse 1: Mr Sicc]
Yeah, pocket full of money, feelin' cooler than a mother
Tell a chick I love her, next night I'm with another
I know it sounds bad yet it feels so good
Textin' me "DTF" like I knew she would
In the lab, write a rhyme, brag about myself
Roll about twenty-five, forget about my health
Make an effort to succeed in this life I lead
Be myself, not be blinded by the fame and greed
Up and down the touch you see so many different places
Meet some good people, hang with all types of races
Religion or complexion, your hood or your section
No longer should we feel we need these rappers for protection
I'm surrounded by some positive people
Talkin' with respect because my friend's my equal
I never used to care whether I lived or die
Now I see the bigger picture so I love my life[Chorus: Tha Movement/Sample]
Pour it up
Light it up
[Verse 2: Tha Movement]
A lot of things in my life have changed
Have a different perspective as I grew with age
More mellow these days, feelin' good about life
If I could do it all again, I would live it up twice
Watercress in the rack, Cognac in the cup
Celebratin' with the peers and the people I love
Ain't got time for the beef, I just wanna relax
Instead of bein' in the streets busy movin' the packs
Summer vibes all 'round and the feeling is mean
Got me diggin' in the scene with the gangsta lean
No more negativity, I be up in my zone
Ain't replyin' to texts that be buggin' my phone
Appreciatin' good company, respectin' their views
They workin' with my people, always payin' my dues
Take a breath of fresh air, let the [?] take flight
Here's a toast to the life 'cause the feeling is right[Chorus: Tha Movement/Sample]
Pour it up
Light it up
[Outro: Mr Sicc/Sample/]
The real, real
Real, real
I rock the city
Everybody king, every-everybody king

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