Nightmares lyrics

[Intro: Sample & Tha God Fahim]
Doctor No
Back up, back up, back up, back up, back up, back up, back up
Uh [Verse]
I gotta watch my back, 'cause niggas petty
How many guns can fit in a Chevy?
'Cause stayin' safe is movin' deadly
Keep the work steady; on stampede with me
What Freddy Kreuger calls a nightmare's a good dream to me
They pathetic while I'm unapologetic
My attributes goin' up, they gotta give me credit
Gettin' paid in pyramids and gold slabs
My whole team carnivorous, so don't lack, you won't last
I'll never retire from rapid fire
I return fire, I inspire, I smoke mics like burnt tires
Exclusive Off-White 23s - too bright, don't look at me
It's not stoppin' 'til a B my bookin' fee
Whenever that is; Sports Mode, automatic
Panoramic; GT Panamera; Porsche Carrera
I transcend any era; two twin Glocks, I call it Tia & Tamera
I bring the terror; flawless be my rap, stellar
Look in the mirror - Louies with the fine leather
Mascara; I swear I can't make it up
Watch the leaves fall off the money tree, then I rake it up
Hello, it's Mr. Microphone Menace
Standin' on business, records like Guinness, checks is like tennis
Players, highest earners, we like chemists
Not concerned with haters, I'm not blemished
Tha God Fahim, Oh No – Nightmares

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