Any nigga disrespect can catch this motherfuckin' Glock (yeah yeah)
Straight up, nigga (The God, nigga! Think I'm playin'?) [Verse]
I got Black feelings
In the land of eternal cap peelin'
The metal dragon left his brains on the MAC, chillin'
I act villain, practicion
Yoshimitsu with the blade, rock jade emeralds
Criminal, scarlet temple visuals
Dreams of Medina, pistol-whippin' pastors and preachers
I Casper your features, the tre-five look like a demon creature
Pass you the holy ghost and watch you seizure
At all measures, get the cream, 'cause I just like the texture
Soon as you sneeze, I lemon squeeze and let God bless ya
In the belly of the beast, I eat, you eat
A eye for an eye if it's beef, keep it wise
In my eyes, to survive in the streets, we violent by design
Not aligned with the peace, you outta time
When police come, no droppin' dimes, you outta line
The bayonet at the end of the 'K will crack your fuckin' spine
Young nigga, straight up disrespectful
I don't respect you, bitch nigga, I should wet you
I ain't gotta tuck the chain like DJ Pooh
Fuck you wanna do when I'm snatchin' the mic from you?
I ain't the type of nigga to play with at all
I bang and you fall
Gun so big, I wasn't aimin' at all
You's a lame ass nigga, claimin' you raw
I put you in the grave, like a baby, you crawl
And suffer, that's exactly when I'm layin' the covers
Cops come, undercover, duckin' and cover
Nigga, I'm just about as raw as ever
Gun in the leather, I think I'm Floyd Mayweather

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