CrAzY LuCy lyrics

Aye fuck
I’m really on da way nigga
Uh, what what (Hold on)
Wait wait wait nigga wait
Wait wait wait, hahaha
Aye [Verse 1]
Glokky came with a dick
It be flippy flippy fucking niggas
Pull up we ending it quick
We don’t like to tussle nigga
Glokky kinda sick
When it sneeze it rips through tissues
Nigga missng oh you tryna run
It still gon hit you[Bridge]
Yeah, so what the fuck you talking ‘bout
Seen the boy in person now he tryna talk it out
That boy is a snitch, and that is his daddy fault
Tryna fuck his bitch she finna nut up in her mouth
Like yeahhhh
Nigga what you talking ‘bout
Seen the boy in person now he tryna talk it out
That boy, he a bitch, shit that’s his daddy fault
If I see that nigga I’m uh arghhhh[Verse 2]
Pussy but don’t want smoke for real
He don’t wanna do that
Yeah, uh boots inside my backpack
Pull out a automatic weapon
Bitch I feel like a demon assum
I take his soul with me
That 4 boys talking bout my ouuu
You don’t wanna do that shit
Before you open up yo lips
You might just catch a hunnid round
Huh that 4 boy talking down
Finna put him in da ground
That choppa pound bitch
I want a suppressor
But really I wanna make some sound bitch
Lock up the whole damn party
Got yo bitch she off the molly
Give a top, with all my niggas
And Lucas going crazy on me
And I don’t even know her name
Of course I don’t it’s not important
I just wanna kiss only dick lil mama go crazy onnit[Outro]
Yeahhhh, ahhhh
Bitch ! Hahaha
Fuck going on
Lame ass niggas

TGlokk !! – CrAzY LuCy

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