[Verse 1: Terrance Escobar]
I'm tryna fuck on you and yo bestie (bitch yo bestie)
Baby girl give me that neck neck get real messy
Yeah I'm rolling off a Tesla please don't test me
Yeah I'm popstar step it up I came correct
Yeah I'm walking pop my shit like who gone check me
Damn baby girl get wet just like a jetski
Shoota pull up with a stick, like Wayne Gretsky
You niggas ain't on shit so stop that flexing [Chorus: Terrance Escobar]
Did this shit all on my own
All by my lonely[Verse 2: Terrance Escobar]
Know these niggas be cap, stop that tough talk
Niggas weren't talking bout shit so they got cut off
Hang with pussy niggas that shit gone rub off
Bitch I came up from the dirt had to wipe that mud off
She want me to fuck her raw but I still use a latex
Foreign hoe on go even though I didn't bought my plane yet
Bad bitch overseas on her knees she give me brain yeah
These hoes wanna fuck on me even though a young nigga not famous[Chorus: Terrance Escobar]
Did this shit all on my own
All by my lonely

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