Feel alright
W1erdo [Verse]
If it feel alright (Feel alright)
I'ma take that
If it feel alright (Feel alright)
My whole gang, we make stacks
[?] got them bills right (Bills right)
Bad lil' vibe, I want her, I'ma hit her, it's a kill night
Bad lil' vibe, I kill right
Yeah, I kill right
She want me to come and kill right
I just got my stick, selling all the pills right
We got high like satellite
I'ma hit it all [?]
[?], I get them racks
Why this pussy nigga wanna fight
Everybody want a light
'Cause none of these niggas got a light
With the big booty bitch, that's all I like
We know we don't fold under pressure (No)
Ride with like 3-0, [?]
If he run then you know I'm gon' catch 'em
Fuck nigga talking, we already [?]
Shawty, she bad and she wanna undress it
I'm off an acid
On god, niggas ain't ballin' like Steph
On god, livin' my life and countin' the blessings
Poppin' like three like that
Roll with the blicky, yeah, no advance
Fuck nigga who, that's not my mans
Too many hoes, unzippin' my pants
Too many dope, just barely could stand
Too many hoes, unzippin' my pants

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