[Verse 1: Scipio]
It was all a dream, I'm in the spot doin' my thing
Laid back in 40/40 with the ball and chain [?]
When I caught Ms. Piwhitee [?]
Out the corner of my eye playin' the bar, been V.I.P [?]
You surely know I've stagnant grounds [?]
She can [?] on the back of my pants
Would you let me know what's up in your mind (wassup) [Verse 2: Teedra Moses]
Don't know if you got a girl
Don't mean to disrespect
But thoughts of you rule my world
I even dream of you, I swear (I swear, I swear)
Visions of you and I
All alone at night
I harbor feelings for you
Holding my pillow tight
Sometimes I even touch myself (myself, myself)
Imaginin' your pleasure, baby (ooh, ooh, ooh)[Verse 3: Truth Hurts]
You know very well what you are
You're my sugar babe, my chocolate soul
I've had a few, but nothing mean it [?]
But you're the only love that guess you've (juicy) [?][Hook: Teedra Moses]
(Just wanna be your girl)
Yeah, yeah, yeah (I just want your juicy boo)
Cause I wanna be your girl[Verse 4: Raphael Saadiq]
I wanna be what you want a nigga [?]
The shout was steamin'
Let's be creative
Your face is warm and you feel so lushy
Do you like this touch?
Maybe I [?]
I gotta be what you rock and drivin' [?]
Sleep and slidin'
Girl you're so invitin'
Something you say made me dream of you too
But am I dreamin'?
Cause it feels like I meet you (juicy)[Hook: Truth Hurts & Teedra Moses]
(Just wanna be your girl)
Yeah (I just want you juicy boo)
I just want it (just wanna be) [?]
I wanna be your girl[Verse 5: Teedra Moses, Truth Hurts and Scipio]
Can't erase (can't erase) [?]
Comin' down (comin' down)
Spread you all around (I like it)
Ooh (I like it)
I like it[Final verse: Scipio]
It's your girl Teedra Moses, Truth Rapahel Saadiq
And yours truly

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