The Ted Album 1 Verse
Not gonna let it go to waste
Their mind turns straight
Coming for everyone on this one
I only spit on my beats
Dropping bars from my phone
See the end like a soccer goal
Runnin' after a fake hoe
We ain't got no plans
For the homies that's a stan, yeah

The Ted Album 2 Verse
Run to the RSBL, and I'm on that tree
Smokin' on them Yandhi leaks
1, 2, 3
Bitch, why you saying that (Bark)
Know I'm getting money
This the final song
Hold up, put the door up
You just a fed, hold up
Pull up on that homie
Bitch I'm in the bar
But we gettin' lit
I can be your melody
My eyes closing, but I ain't asleep
Not a OG
See, y'all just offbeat, you'll never be me
Uh, yеah

The Ted Album 3 Verse
I'm so fantastic
I got the BROCKHAMPTON tee
You know Teddy getting rich
Tеd though, be on the beat
You said you want me
I vacation up in Haiti
He gon' put me on his baby name
I get the bag like uh
No one there except for us
I be makin' hits since Oh God
Drill your homie in the back
Diamonds all in my bag
But I'm still smart, you know Teddy on top of the chart
Bitch, uh, yeah

The Ted Album 4 Verse
Hoppin' in and out of cars
I go crazy on the beat like ted
GOAT shit yeah man with no help
There is no competition
I just beat (Redacted)
Hit you with that thwack
Got the best girl like Rusev
Yo who calling? That's your bitch
I be on the mic like a dick
Yeah, I get money
I just made a hundred thou
4 am, I'm in the bank
Walkin' through the aisle


tedonthebeat – ONE LAST TIME

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