[Intro: DUSTY LOCANE & Tayy Floss]
Mm, mm, yeah y'all know what the fuck goin' on
It's that nina fever get you repeater
And I got Tayy Floss with me, 100 Clocc shit (Grrt)
Look (Bow)
Huh? Lemme talk my shit on this one nigga
Bow bow bow bow
Cloccy, look, look [Chorus: Tayy Floss & DUSTY LOCANE]
Heat on my lap, is you ready to die?
Mask up for the function, brodie say he down to slide
No, I ain't for discussion
And you know that I ride for the Five
For the 100 Cloccs, I am dumping
New opp pack in the air, call it lou, this shit bussin'[Verse 1: Tayy Floss & DUSTY LOCANE]
Yo cuh (What's craccin'?)
How they gon' run up on gang?
Is they buggin'? Got a trey pound on lap
And I got it straight from the Russians
Put a beam on the Glock, catch a head-tap if you bluffin'
Better have it on you if you stuntin'
'Cause the wolves out and they huntin'
When we go huntin', my niggas start dumpin' it, uppin' it, nina for nothin'
Call up that play and we blitz it, bad lil' bitch on my dick and shе bussin'
Both of my niggas walk with that Smithen, FN on me, I swear wе ain't missin'
In the hall of fame like I'm Pippen, catch a shot, now his body is twtichin' (Glah glah glah glah)

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