Verse 1:
I'm evil in Palm Angels
This lady she a devil in a dress
Hard to accept that we both crossed paths
Both been broken hearted we just want some shit to last
You been second guessing cause a moments from yo past
When we touch each other we both turn into glass
All these mixed emotions got us in another world
Say your heart is on the run
Love im aiding and abedding it
Let's not rush relations
Both our feelings just need patience
Mind need vacations that's whats producing this fragrance
Strip to lingerie baby yo' body look amazing
Push that booty closer when wе laying in that fetal
Baby can you handle when im famous likе a Beatle
You can be there with me im a don like I'm Cheadle
For me its jay and bey
Durkio and india
Maybe me and you?
Thats prolly just a thought
I swear I knew I'd find you manifested this from prison
Babygirl you gifted all them things that you showed me
She got me halfway slipping she don't even know my middle name Damn
Thats some crazy shit doe
Is this Marvin's room doe
I been looking at this map lately like where should I go
I just wanna be successful
You know cars and the clothes
And the homes and the hoes
With the gang them the bros
Smoking gas so when I speak that shit igniting my soul
I nicknamed her origami sexyiana can fold
You ever had some vvs kiss that pussy before
I got her wheeze I ain't never signed to birdman before
But I'm a tyga in the room so we can have Minaj
Its lil twist to my music
Time for us to be on one
Had to leave the 6 alone
Thats drake and drank punchline
Maybe the Ak a realize I can do the same for the them
Bron brought us the vision its time to do something with it
Say that's the reason that she like me cause dreams was always bigger
And since I came from prison it seem like I got it figured
You don't even know the half
Full a darkness on my path
Baby do you got my bacc
Would you keep my name alive if I was never coming bacc
Maybe do like Lauren London put me right there on yo forearm
Still can't celieve the great then turned the late
Motivation like how jay z motivated my elders
Been stingy with trust and love cause they was before them two years
Can't wait to flash 5 million then say that was a light year
And you can be next to me like the double up video
Girl my past is vicious and im still creating history
Wait till mama hear this she gone say what's gotten into me
AMaximizing every single bit of opportunity
Im fuccing sick and tired of my family on them eulogies

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