Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up
Damn dude, you was the man in high school (Shit, I heard you was)
I put my city on my back like you was supposed to do, nigga (Lame ass niggas) [Verse]
How would you feel if a nigga took u as a joke
They talk down my name it’s ok you ain’t know I’m the goat
I needed help a long time ago they didn’t give a fuck though
Tell my why everyone play me at first like a hoe?
I’m just learn to keep my mouth closed
007 I stick to the code
I talk to my money, “Hey Benjamin”
I can’t talk to you illiterate hoes
We take it to trail fuck a sentencing
Got down on my knees andI let the dice roll
I tried them religions but i just didn’t get it though
Drip like a pidgeon you might just get shitted on
Nigga I feel just like Kevin Gates
I been thru some thangs that ain’t leave me the same
I’m hoping the this blunt take the pain away
Just know if you blocked you a fucking lame
I put in some work and i made that shit happen
Stayed down in the trap all I had was a mattress
Headshot they can’t open his casket
I keep that strap on me like a bulldagger
Quit all that playing nigga
Double down smith n Wesson Bitch I’m spraying
Nigga used to be a fan
Came with that sneaky shit then he ran
2 twin Glocks Tia and Tamara
2 twins freaks I ain’t sharing
I had a dream that I bought a McCleran
Ozzy Osborne rockstar life screamin Sharon
I bite the head off a opp nigha
I hope you know what I did with that chop nigga
Ran off on the plug that You tryna rob nigga
You thought I was dumb but I plot nigga
He can’t keep it 100 He dry snitchen
I don’t dwell a hoe cause I got bitches
At first you was up now the plot twisting
You must’ve just thought I forgot nigga
I got a attitude like 2Pac
Stashing the dope in a food box
I’m havin wax like crayon box
Ridin around with my favorite thot
I do the dash in a foreign I speed a lot
Feed her that dick every night cause she need a lot
My reefer exotic I’m smokin on cheetah fox
Fresh out the grease Bitch I’m hot like a tater tot
7th dimension Lil Bitch Im a alien
I’m outtaspace like I dj in ATL
Invested in trapping lil boy I just buy and sell
I got that cheese on me like some ro-tel
I got your bitch with me at the hotel
Do not disturb sign cause that loud smell
Bitch do not call for a gram I do wholesale
I’m smoking on Piccilo you smoking Nail
I’m at the club I balled like some nair
She eat the dick got my balls in the air
Broke nigga see you crawling over there
Shut ya bitching up we balling over here
Looks ain’t deceitful I’m raw as I appear
Shoe drop hit the mall buy a pair
Rick Ross I’m a boss eating pears
Reach for my chain? Bitch don’t you dare
Made me some moves and I turnt up my set
Think I’m a rockstar I pop Percocet
Think I’m a rockstar I pop me some ex
Served me an eightball on Easter in an egg
Bakery inventory counting bread
We heard ya story but I like mines instead
Lost youth, I’m as troubled as it gets
I keep talking to these demons in my head
Got me some cash and I can’t stop
I just took a swing at the game like I’m A-Rod
Broke ass nigga say what?
Fuck on that Bitch cause she got a big butt
You heard the tag you know Tay Keith gone fuck it up
Niggas hate me they ain’t know I was boming up
Hop skip past you like some double Dutch
You know what’s in my doubles cup
I got that bagg correct me if I’m wrong
I’m in a jag yeah I’m in my zone
These Niggas mad cause I’m getting on
They going out sad, the fuck is you on?
.38 special I dipped it in chrome
Still trapped our rain sleet snow
These niggas broke
Nigga check your tone
Look up when a boss in the room
I’m working hard and i put that on everything
Married the game so I bought me a wedding
I can’t believe what these niggas be telling me
Yo partner a leach and he tryna take everything
Watch him he might set you up out of jealousy
Young triple H got the Game in a pedigree
Dj champ I be mixing my medicines
You heard me loud n clear like a reverend
Boujjie lil trapper I’m in the latest fashion
Bitch I’m king u would think I slayed a dragon
I fuck that Bitch on the carpet like Alladiain
My racist Diamonds we only do Alaskan
Broke nigga heard u goin thru a famine
Bitch I’m in TN like I’m Peyton Manning
I take dem Percocets just ya granny
These nighas stealing my swag like bandit
I’m all the radio nighas can’t stand it

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