Let's Cut Class and Kiss in the Carpark

Talkshow Boy


Let's cut class and kiss in the carpark
We don't need to learn cause we know we're smart
Come crunch time you can copy my cheat sheet
So comprehensive that you'll get a perfect mark Let's teach the tough kids a lesson
Call them names that they'll never forget
Everybody knows that we are the cool kids
Sticks and stones never broken our bones yetLet's skip school and smoke in the girls room
Let's play Simon says in the sand pit
Screw psychology let's hit the cinemas
Spontaneity is not criminalI never promised you a rose garden
Honey put down that cigarette
Come over here
I'll get out the sheet music
And play a real waltz
Tell it like it is
Wake up and smell my early morning coffeeI never promised you a rose garden
I never promised you a rose garden
I never promised you a rose garden

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