I could eat you up in a mouthful
Tea parties in my tongue with me
Could eat you and taste you
Sea-shanties in a slum with me [Pre-Chorus]
There’s many a lake we can swim we can win
We can live like a lady or a tramp like tramp
We can rock we can rollick and run through the wind
We can win we can win we can win anything[Chorus]
And all we have to do to win is
Put our coins in the machine and press a button and
Wait for a signal or a sign
Sit down
Smoke a cigarette
Sleep and waste waste time
I can’t eat cause I’m hungry for your
Loving baby
Cannot swallow down
My dinner tonight[Verse]
Let me eat you down likе a dinner baby
I could use your body like an
Aftеr dinner mint
You smile and return the favor with a kiss on the lips
I gotta eat cause I’m too thin[Pre-Chorus]
There’s many a king with a crown on his capo
We can sit in the courtroom case like a lawyer
We can dance we can die we can run through the traffic
We can drive through the traffic
And driving through pedestrians[Chorus]
All we have do to drive
Is put our keys in the car
Turn ‘em 45 degrees
And we can wait for a signal or a sign to drive
Like a traffic light or a road road sign
And the rules for driving we can throw ‘em out the window
Cause we got each other and you cover me in chocolate
The cars we drive are made by multinationals
The fuel is love and it’s pouring out my forehead baby
I say sex is founded in the cerebellum
Red-green charges in my corpus callosum baby

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