Marylin MonDope lyrics

Diamonds Are a
Girl's Best Friend
But for a stoner
Niggas like me
I Smoke weed
On the weekends
Like SZA as a side chick
And crying
On my dick
Cause the dick
To good
Dick makes the world go round
And every one with claps can sound [pre-Chorus]
I am good, but not an angel
I do sin
But I am not the devil. I
Am just a
Small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love
Oh let’s smoke a blunt[Chorus]
Marylin MonDope
I am not interested in money
I just want to be wonderful
Fear is stupid. So are regrets
Spend the night with me
I’ll never forget
We smoked weed and had sex
I’m Marylin MonDope [x2]
Our love is a secret
I’ll call you john f kennedy
Me and you smoke 4 blunts and 9
How high can you already be
Got my green lighter (yeah)
Black and white movies
We laugh
As cheech and Chong
Smoke on a dobbie
Skip the wine and the candlelight, no Cristal tonight
If it's alright with you, we fucking
(That's cool)
Déjà vu, the blunts sparked, finger fucking in the park
Pissy off Bacardi Dark
Mad question askin', blunt passin'
Music blastin', but I just can't quit
Let me spit my rhymes
While I touch you’re thighs
With you’re blonde hair and cute face boy
Man I should just call you Troye
Now I'm sixteen, smoking blunts, making cream
On the drug scene, fuck a football team
I’d rather be smoking weed
Hit the blunt
Let me fuck
The mad MC stoner The Notorious B.I.G
Takoma Smith – Marylin MonDope

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