[Intro: Baby]
Uh huh (off the top)
Cash Money, Hot Boys (all to me nigga)
You understand
Say Swizz, give it all to me, don't hold it back
I want it, give it all, hit me in the chest wit it nigga [Verse: Baby]
I got work, bricks, money, pistols
Hoes have bitch-ass niggas runnin' with 'em
Paid money, hard rocks, cheap digits, hard blocks
It's llello cola, heroin and boulders
Stunna Corleone, nigga I told ya this
Mack dimes, doin' time
Uptown riders everybody been dinin'
It's third wall nothin' but these uptown souljas
N-Y G's, the barrel high rolla'
It's Swizz and Stunna, in a Ram stuntin' (wassup)
20 inches, nothin' under (wassup)
It's Glocks and bitches we been killin' snitches (oh)
Work? fuck the Feds, nigga we livin' (oww)
Yo ask me twice I ain't neva been nice
Always been a gangsta poppin' wheelies on bikes[Chorus: Swizz Beatz]
Let me see you do ya thing - yo, if ya ballin'
Let me see you do ya thing - yo, if ya ridin'
(Let me see you do ya thiiiiiiiiing)
Oh no, where's the bitches?
Let me see you do ya thing - yo, where's my niggas?
Let me see you do ya thing - (c'mon) yo! buy the bar
Let me see you do ya thing - gon' floss ya shit
(Let me see you do ya thiiiiiiiiing)
C'mon, rep ya hood
Let me see you do ya thing
[Verse: Yung Wun]
I got the MJ 220 on the streets of Atlanta
Wit the 360 Modena parked diamond savanna
Life's too short, so a nigga stretch the Porsche and put the big screen in it
It's like a nigga at the movies when he sittin' in it, picture seems so vivid
The windows all tinted, marble flo's in it
I got doe like Bill when the chip was invented
So it's, no thing for me to pull a few strings to
Get a, few things that cost a few G's
You ain't passed it down to me, so it has to be
Way it be, as you see I'm tryin' to find me a place in the hills
Put a body in the backyard and move right back to the ville
I'm a always be where it's real (nigga)
And chill where the caps get peeled (what!) and niggas get killed
'Till I die I'm a live 'till I can't no more
Sell crack and bust guns (what's up?) 'till I'm at the morgue[Chorus][Verse: Baby]
I'm real, I'm steel, I'm hard to kill
Been packin' bullets, shoot out at will
Stunna Corleone, sellin' he-roine
Uptown make this mine, stemmies get grown
Casey Brice, ten the price
Kill that nigga I'll shife his life
It's Fresh, Stunna, Weezy, Turk, Swizz, Jada, DMX, let work
Bitch, nigga, I hate them niggas
All I fuck wit is these real ass niggas
It's Ruff-Ryder, Cash Money
D give me the name, I'll bust a hundred
It's Ro-lex, ho don't flex
I'm worth* 200-mil, bitch what's next?
It's full-surface, Swizz that's next
Nigga act up, we breakin' they neck
[Chorus] (2x)[Outro]
Whoa, whoa
Break it out whoodi

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