I wish i could be there from the star
I will never stop makin music for you brah
Never be the last one belive yourself
I'll make it to the top one day yuh
She gonna make me crazy like motivate
You will never see this energy coming for you bruh
Taylor gang shoutout everything they do
Dont make me fool they did it well i fking make it yah
And i gotta make it long
How i face this bong
Hit it clean it mom
She gon buy some form
Madafakin words i place
You better run
Whеn i say mad rarely but ill have a gun
What i say man
Freestyle еvery day every day yeah
I'm just smokin up rollin up another one man
With Wiz im gon blaze it fam
Bitches fukin wanna more play
Im askin all alone all the door gate
They do that wrong
She got the bong
I dont use gum n the fukin condom
Cause i dont have the size
My dick put a hole to your house
Let them know how big is the douse
Your daughter put it in her mouth
Is she cute im fukin with her n bounce
But she prefer when my dick is inside her
I countin money and not the time jerk
Fuckin with me i cross the line hurt
If you have somethin to say
Shut your mouth first
Skirt you may get burned
My gang comes before you shirk yah I tellin yellin what a messin actin
All the people sellin what i sayin blessin
Im fucked up my hearth is empty
Life is a little bit madafakin heavy
Twenty penny i say that plenty
When you see me you wish i was readyCause i won't ever make her feel better if she all alone it doesnt matter

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