[Verse 1: Choirboy]
City full of strangers
Mind full of stress
Trunk full of bangers
You can feel them in ya chest
God's little angel
Turn the devil into prince
Feel like the whole world fucking owe me shit
And its time to pay the debt, yep
One time put the burner to ya bow tie
No lie they be killing us the whole time
Code 9 send ya to the morgue side
Hold up tell me how ya get the dose up
No luck my side don't die
On heaven and hell they gon' both ride
Tryna drug me better turn the dose up
Take alot for me to muthafuckin doze up [Hook]
Dozin' off them Xannies, just popped a bandie
Wave rock like Atlantic, froze like Atlantic [x2][Verse 2: Ouija]
Homie we the savages
Everybody mad at us
People wanna front on us
Now we in the cameras
Ain't nobody stand with us
Now they wanna manage us
We don't give a motherfuck can't nobody handle us
Takin' em out watching em' all jacking the swag now
Never go have no business with this
You ain't bringing the cash flow
Cause if we talking shit and speaking
Subliminals up over the fast flow
You couldn't bring this shit if you were born up out of a asshole
Rapping about a brick but what is a brick to a castle
Talking about a choppa whats a choppa if you don't last long?
Comin' up out the pentagram up on ya shorty mantle
Funny little bitches fucking around and become an example
Dozin' off the xans
Lost in my coffin again
Shorty just pop it again
Now shit you won't girl you want it again
Making me want it again[Hook]

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