Unchained, the Darkness slowly grasp my soul
Cold and fierce, it claws into my flesh
Within the circle drawn in blood
I face the Devils spawn
Summoned, unleashed
To wage war upon the world Fire and flames, infernal madness set ablaze
Charred and scattered, the ashes of my enemies
Whirling through the burning sky
I stand before the gates
Heaven albaze
The bones of angels crumbling under my feetLay low the ramparts
Unleash the hounds of Hell
Hold high the banner
And march in the name of SatanAnd lo, the birth of a new era
The dark, eternal night embrace the world, veiling all in shadow and gloom
And raised is a throne of stone, glowing with the embers of Hell
And the Lord of Darkness, Lucifer Himself, sits thereupon, reigning His new kingdom
And the scent of burning flesh is ever present
The putrid stench of rotting angels and mortal menLuciferian dawnFire and flamesLay low the ramparts

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