Let's Regret This in Advance lyrics

Standing there before the altar, lovers take a vow
But forever sometimes falters in the here and now
Still it’s in the holy bible, we should never stray
So you and I’ll be wholly liable if there’s hell to pay So let’s regret this in advance why wait until it’s over
If we’re gonna take a chance on what tonight may bring
Let’s tell all there is to tell and speak of things unspoken
We both know, wе know full well, that two hearts will be brokеnSo let’s feel sorry at the start and save all the hours later
After both of us depart from what tonight may bring
If we’re about to do what we set out to do and yield to this romance
Let’s not wait until it’s over, no no, let’s regret this in advanceIf we’re about to do what we set out to do when we began this little dance
Let’s not wait until it’s over, let’s just regret this in advance

Susan Werner – Let\'s Regret This in Advance

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