No Regular Artist Freestyle lyrics

Intro: Superari
Supe, rari

Verse 1: Superari
Yeah, lately I don’t give a fuck bout all the people judging me
I’m floating on the ocean and they hoping Imma sink
And the last few months been crazy I been pushed right to the brink
Had to make some tough decisions but it gave me time to think

Mm, and I been going harder and harder
Feel like I’m a shark up in this water
Put me on a charter
I’m proud of myself I’m becoming a artist
Imma be a big boss, think I need a office

If you playing criss cross get the fuck up off me
I’m not with the stupid games that you be playing man I’m sorry
I’m chilling with big dog, yeah that’s the homie
And every singlе time she hit my line it’s coz shе lonely

You may think that you do, but you don’t know me
And if you care why don’t you phone me
Some people round me so damn fake, yeah they so phony
I’m bout to score big, no assist, fuck a goalie

I’ve been rapping every day think I’ve become a master
Living my twisted fantasy I’m becoming a monster
Losing my own reality might end up in a coffin
People think it’s insanity I say hold up just watch me, just watch me

Verse 2: Superari
Hmm, and I’ve been thinking about ownership, yeah
Stack all my money count my bonuses, yeah
And I can’t wait to hit the dealership, yeah
Coz I know that I’m gone be really rich, yeah

This like my 10th song, I’ve got some colder shit
I’m focussed honed in going strong and that’s just what it is
Different breed, outer space, I’m a Mandalorian
Make that ass clap, drop it down and hit the floor again

Gotta chase my passion, coz you know I gotta have it
Ever since I started rapping it became a habit
As a kid I always knew that I wasn’t average
I rap fast like a fucking semi-automatic

Full power, fuck a charger
I get emotional when I look back where I started
And imma get way bigger than you coz I’m ways smarter
I been going harder
No I am not a regular artist

Superari – No Regular Artist Freestyle

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