[Intro: Zorotl]
Christo and Par, laughing all the way to the bank [Verse 1: Sunshine Christo]
Christo and Par, we're two punk monks
Lookin' like the military with guns in our trunk
Feelin' like the cartel, drugs that we front
We don't work hard, but we still get it done
I got luck, but I don't need luck
Got a girl in the back of the truck
I think she is trying to fuck
Rolling up a blunt, don't smoke Runtz
Only smoke that good shit, only sip that mud
If mud ain't in the cup, then I won't drink it up
If there aren't drugs at the party, we don't show up
If there aren't hoes for us to fuck, then don't invite us
Shotgun filled with slugs sitting under my seat
To be honest I'd shoot up the meet and greet
Swag, no Hollywood
Let's go to Hollywood
Selling crack to white girls, now it's the Hollyhood[Bridge: CATBOIKETAMINE]
Haha, Same Brain!
Me and Christo take ketamine and watch RomCom anime
Kyah Kyah
Blood on the Dance Floor
Blood all over my kicks
Running up the ramen shop
Nigga got the chopsticks
I'm a fucking lunatic, and bitch I got the ice picks
Shawty lil baddie so she came to suck on my dick
Me and Christo hate the cops
Me and Christo shoot at opps
Me and Christo hit licks
Me and Christo take shit
It's my fucking birthday bitch, and I want you to suck dick
At the fucking corner store, gonna sell some coke bricks[Outro: Meowth]
Such luxury, I've hit the big time

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