DOAK lyrics

Niggas know whats going on man
Smoking all deads like
Like Wtf(what the... x2)
Let me tell yall a story
Boom, Boom, Boom [Verse: Sugarhill Keem]
Move Look I know I'm the one
Told my ex, that bitch is a bum
Everybody saying your the face of the bronx
Nazzy dead, his mother a bum
Smoke Jayrip that nigga is runts
When I spin, I'm spinning with Quan
I got some ooters they ready to dump
So you know niggas better run
Yall niggas, yall fuck with the opps
Yall niggas getting put in that block
I see a opp that boy get...
Now, Look[Verse 2: Sugarhill Keem]
Sugarhill my niggas on top
Love my niggas everybody shot
Dougie B you a whole cop
I be geeking if I call up Nazzy
Fuck Jayrip, welcome to the block
I go Quan, for headies and thots
She not fucking kick her out the spot
Yus gz how much times you get shot
Yall smoke Blockwork, we smoke Jah
I bring out my knocks I ain't trying to box
Free OY Teddy, brodie got the spot
Lil Bitch is we fucking or not
After we fuck Kick her out the spot
Lil Rah Rah, got shot in his top
Jayrip, when I'm on his block
Now niggas killing with the opps
Grrah(Everything dead nigga)
Smoking all deads
Everybody shot
Yall know whats going on
Suck my dick nigga like
Beat up the box tell her to move pop
Walk in the party the deuce in my sock
Ain't no cuffin it's shooter get shot
Off the perc I beat up the box
Shh...Kelly all them bitches thots
Grrah, Grrah
Move Look
Everything shit
Everything Dead
Yall know whats going on
SugarHill Keem – DOAK

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