Open on Broadway, You're a star
Just an opportunist at heart
Evil hid in glitz and glamour
Drunk like a potion harvester All About Eve, Cat up a tree
Margo Channing, Listen to me
Don't believe what she says
When she sleeps in your headNow the two allegories of pity and terror
One for the money, for trial and error
Telling the story anointing its pleasure
Lady Macbeth in chainsOnce in a lifetime you're a star
A circus of light falling apart
Just as the flame is on the reservoir
The darkness arises so much brighterAll About Evе, Queen tragedy
All that you need is a throne to reciеve
Now go sleep in the bed
That you made while she bled from her open woundsTwo categories tell two different stories
One for ambition and one full of glory
Backstabbing feeds on its own inventory
Lady Macbeth in chains
Lady Macbeth in chains

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