Suffa MC, Hilltop Hoods
Ergh, 1/6 what's up? What to do?
Ergh, I got the flu at the moment; but never mind [Verse]
'Cause I'ma get my Godzilla on
Kids from the hill are on that stool
Sipping miller till the scrilla's gone
Swelling from the still like its a billabong
Until I look like Phyllis Diller
What a piller till her thrill or will is gone
Who can kill a song like this?
Make your face look like this, Facebook like this
Torturer born beats smash cunts, I fucked with
Orchestras, zombies and I still get the fans love
So put your man up, now that's a real Rapper Tag
I take everything a rapper has and make it everything a rapper had
So pack your bag and catch a cab
I'm known to tag a rapper like a drone over Islamabad
With pristine battle rap, Sistine Chappell rap
Spit sixteen it's black sabbath meets Arafat
Now I'ma kick my feet up
And watch the haters all complain 'cause six switched the beat up, now check
Shout outs to my man DJ Debris on the camera
Say what's up (Hello hello)
Shout outs to my Golden Era squad
Briggla, Vents One
Funkoars, what to do?
I'ma tag Headlock from After Hours, I know he wants to be tagged in
Plus, I'm best man at his wedding in a couple of weeks and I feel like it's my responsibility
We gonna try to make him do it live from his bucks night
While a stripper chokes him to death with his own belt

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