[Intro: Styles P]
Benji fields, what's poppin'
Light that shit up, Nino
Let's go, Machine
I'm hungry, eghhhh [Verse 1: Styles P]
They ain't tell you that the Ghost is hard as fuck?
Dump like a garbage truck, told you that these rappers is trash
Think they tryna get me back, I'm the master, lay on 'em
Do homework, run in his home and spray on 'em
Ain't doin' that same shit, but doin' that gang shit
Told Nino I'm 'bout to eat, I could meet him on Saint Nick's
Up at Seasoned Vegan, I'm not the heathen to bang with
I'm in sixth gear, who you gon' get in this lane with?
If it's family, money, or smoke, yeah, that is my language
Not Hov old partner but you on some Dame shit
In the mirror all day and that is some lame shit
And I ain't wanna judge but it fills me with anguish[Verse 2: Nino Man]
This that the champagne shit
I always got attention, been a wavy nigga
They watch me since a kid, ain't need a babysitter
Soon as you start to shine, niggas get shady wit'cha
Some niggas in your mom's crib like your baby pictures
I was starving eatin' franks and beans
Pause, now I'm a boss eatin' steak and greens
Yeah, I know I'm wild mixie but I hate the scene
I like my paper green, I can't escape the dream
They can't wait for me to fall like they out rakin' leaves
Bad enough I'm tryna trap and got to shake the D's
I'm outside tryna chase the fiends with the squad
These niggas mad they ain't make the team
[Verse 3: Styles P & Nino Man]
It's that bang-bang shit, thirty-eights with beams
Would you look forward to dyin' from me if I told you that my new name is natural cause?
Your girl supposed to dick ride, you should actually pause
Tryna hop up in the flick like an actual boss, same guns at the tactical force
Took off half of his back and half of his lap
I lit up a sack, I fall back 'cause the same shit could happen to y'all
Won't happen to me, that's the O.G
I'm Blackin' with P
I'm clappin' the heat, throw you in back of the V
They told me is no way out, I had to trap on these streets
Wasn't always rappin' on beats, I had the ratchet on me
Always had to dash from the D's before they catch it on me
Yeah, it's hard to stash it on me, I heard the captain on me
I was outside with dimes but niggas can't get a nickel
'Cause when they say you treatin' these niggas gon' try to trick you

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