He don't know any better was the stipulation
Getting jailed was only failed manipulation
Fresh out of secure treatment baby on board
Yes I’d prefer speaking but maybe she scored
The white house with picket fence spouse with wicked wench
What he'd say when she left ain't seen no women since
Hour of power tripping took root to flower different
Landscaping hands scrapping off tower sour chicken
I’d make more listeners with take no prisoners attitude rather rude
We don't plate no dinners where they hate on winners
Friends became strangers addiction enslavers
Under water color changers a long way from mangers
In ya name I pray till my Godson died at Sacred heart that day
Well I'll be god damned apart from god's Plan admission to discharge
Ya boy just got banned They say don't got go home but you can't stay here
And no I don't want be alone in the world out thereCaucasian to First Nation all they saw was a nigga
In racist faces enough of a trigger
Thinking maybe a Metis be more accepted
Bandana in a knot and I'm Pac resurrected
Colors belonged to others so they had to be earned
Till ya flipped or got stripped I saw a lot of em turned
To a fall down guy doing stand up why’s the question
I’m suggesting like kiss when I'm high saw the younger me
Die from impotence at risk in front of me "sigh"
Ignorance is bliss, reprogrammed in your land
Product of my evironment got it like a Spiderman aquatic as a fireman
Confiding in the melon of a felon repelling whatever your selling
Player if ya were smelling what the rock was cooking
You were laying the smackdown a long way from being stray and a class clownThey say you don’t got go home but you can't stay here
And no I don't want be alone in the world out there

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