At The vacant town
There's an empty beach with a cat ruling it
Everything is made of plastic
There's a hanging tree in the distance
If you walk to it your Brain just stops
If you think of it time moves faster
I'd much rather eat something like plaster
There's no texture in this plastic world, no cancer
Nose bleeds faster I don't feel pain, no anger
Narrow path for plastic sunshine through the clouds aah [Verse 2]
One day the cat emerged that'll serve hope
Became celestial doubled in sizе or
Tripled and the lizards started falling down
It affеcted town and time slowed down
The cat is morphing space-time
Distorting earth while it's flying to the sun
With earth in its hands, it started taking the shape of Bastet
And the plastic started melting down
There's no gravity here and no sound
The lizards start throwing up water
They're happy that they're coming back home
Everything starts melting faster
Even stone, that's when you know that the earth has been thrown

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