Home For Dinner lyrics

[Verse 1]
Remember at that kickback
I got too high now flashback
To throwing up outside the Uber
I think about that curbside
The stranger in the daylight
Would wonder how bad was the dinner
My secondary chances
And sniffing avalanches
Was turmoil made for beginners
I'm torn up by the masses
If pain is everlasting
Then, no, I won’t be home for dinner [Chorus]
I won’t be home
There’s no home[Verse 2]
I'm growing like a callus
And tryna find some balance
Between eating and getting thinner
It doesn’t make me nervous
Because even the worthless
Are happy pulling up that zipper
From fucking in the bathroom
To smoking in the backroom
I guess I lost out on the winner
Cause you still get to kiss her
While I just get to miss you
And no I won’t be home for dinner[Chorus]
I won't be home
There's no home[Instrumental]
Remember when your heart grew
I knew right then I'd lost you
At least I had you through the winter

Stella Smyth – Home For Dinner

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