Six A.M. on this Jersey Turnpike
It's been a long year and it's been a long night
We're fifteen passenger four-wheel drive
Everything I own is in the backseat riding When I think, it's gonna be a pretty good yearFive A.M. and we're still drinking
I've been so lonely I've been thinking
I'd rather be drunk than alone in my bed
So pour that whiskey out in my handsWhen I think, it's gonna be a pretty good yearWell I sold my heart and crashed my car
My things, I let them go
Been out here on the road so long I barely know my home
So give mе freedom, give me death, just givе me something more
I'm facedown in a graveyard
Screaming "what's this all, this all been for?"And I lost my heart to a red haired maiden
In a crowded bar on the east of London
The miles they beat into the side of my head
Six A.M. I'm on a flight to EnglandWhen I think, it's gonna be a pretty good year

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