My girl left me on Tuesday
She tied a string around all the things
She’d decided to keep for a new day
While I was sleeping, while I was sleeping My girl invented a sunrise
An open door, a chance to be born
She took one last look at my closed eyes
While I was thinking, while I was thinkingAnd since she could not give me time
She sealed my eyes with two thin dimesMy girl came down with the sickness
The river’s daughter cried out for water
She said “don’t you want to quit this”
While I was sinking, while I was sinkingMy girl left me a warning:
“Sharpen your tune, make your peace with the moon
If you want to make it up to the morning”
While I was sleeping, while I was sleepingAnd while the sun burned up in the air
And I closed my eyes, that moon was everywhere
That moon was everywhere [x3]

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