Oh my dear, I truly believe
You like all the parts of me
That I let you see
And my dear, well if I should see
A less than ideal picture of me
I just hit delete Get my story straight and deliver on time
Make sure every character gets a line
There’s a part here undefined
It could be yours and it could be mineWhat if I told you that I
I followed the wrong stars all of my life [x2]
What if I told you that I--
I hauled the north star down
I ground it down
I maybe made a little whimpering sound
And watched the light go outAnd you, I’m so grateful for you
And all the gentle things you do
To push me through
You could go, and of course you could stay
And watch the bruises I made every day
Fade away
Ah let’s put aside, the stories that I
I told to get by, all of my life [x2]
And if we go outside
With open eyes
And we go where the water’s wide
Your hand in mine
What happens when we’re on the happier side
Of a rising tide

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