That sense I couldn’t shake, that I was better yesterday
I’m gonna let it go
And the possibilities that others saw in me
I’m gonna let ‘em go
Did I waste my time in line
Did I blow it every time
No going back, no going back And this feeling in my head, like everything’s unstoppable
It’s not impossible to let it go
And the worn-out memories of the best and worst of me
I’m, I’m gonna let ‘em go
If I tried to stay with you, it’s just…you were all I knew
Long ago I should have let you goAnd if being this sort of man was nеver part of my plan
You’ll understand if I let it go
And thе one or two I tried to keep from leaving me behind
It took a bit of time to work you off my mind
I got so far away from home I had to make one of my own
On my own, on my ownAnd if I spent thirty years just trying to disappear
I didn’t know how to let it go
And was my simple goal to gain or let go of control
My scars show how I let it go
My mind, it had to learn to make my heart beat out these words:
No going back
There’s no going back [x3]

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