Did I call to you the way you called to me
Oh, oh are you a little kittykat in a tree
The house is bare but it’s getting warm
Here, let me get this heavy door come in
My darling one, come in You know I noticed here, where we stopped to stand
Oh your lower back asking for my hand
A straight-ahead path can get us lost
There’s a gentle way to shape running water
Shaping running waterAnd all these pale, pale blue butterflies
From mouth on mouth and from hand on hand
Looking for a safе place to land
Oh, looking for a heart to understandWеll the valley’s low and the mountain’s high
Oh it feels like we could tiptoe to the sky
We’re the only ones for miles around
Oh set me up and knock me down
Oh knock me downOh we are both shadows and light
We are day and night, we are day and night
We are both flesh and bone
Shelter and storm, shelter and storm
Yeah we are both free and bound
Oh we are lost and found
We are lost and found

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