It’s the simple things that elude me
Like the how and the when and the why
Every time I thought I knew who
She had another to try
But now that the maps are all folded
In some pocket that I’ll never find
I’m just pushing my way from the night to the day
As I’m crossing your borderline And if there’s a crack in the windshield
And a couple of holes in the floor
And cigarettes spill off the edge of the ashtray
And no one can open the door
Wеll I guess that you get what you pay for
I sure paid for what I got еach time
But the scenery’s changed
The winds are all strange
As I’m crossing your borderlineThere’s ice blue out on the horizon
But the moon hasn’t given up yet
Your breath comes in waves all over my body
We’re a tangle of skin, hair and sweat
And the world shuts down for a moment
There’s no sense of what’s yours or what’s mine
And I just let go of the things I don’t know
As I’m crossing your borderline

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