[Part I] [Intro: MC Vito]
I wreck mics cause I'm verily skilled, I'm heavily
Chill mostly but sometimes I'm ready to kill, you getting
It still? I'm talented like you never will be, you can
Imitate all day but I'm def'netely still me
Still be, repping for the bridge that feels me
Still be, freshest one on stack's whole LP
Still be, breaking through that so-called ceiling
We'll see, if boundaries can hold the MC
He be out of this world eating Reese like ET
3 piece, styles like you've never seen G
EZ, it's over quick he tried to beat me
Please be, aware that no one can defeat me
Treat me to a challenge man, bring your best verse
If not, you're guaranteed to take the next hearse
Let's search for a better rapper just pick & go, he
Wrecks first, or tries to, but nobody's quicker so
I get on the mic, and I start going sicko mode[Part II][Verse 1: Elijah $tack]
Travis Scott, white tee
Pull up FRANCHISE, sightseeing

ASTROWORLD they like me
Yeah I’m hot like spicy
Had a long week
She belong to the streets
Yeah she sweet sweet
But I know she gon cheat
Hit the rodeo
In the 90210
You gon pray for love
And I got the antidote
You said it’s impossible

Our problem is not solvable
Cuz you have him sloppy toppy
Then I kicked you out the door
Then you called me back
No I won’t pick up the phone
It’s been a long time coming
Now I’m on my own hoe
I don’t care if we go way back
To the train tracks
Needle in a haystack
Stabbed me right in my back
Now I got some new friends
With loyalty that you lacked[Bridge 1: Elijah $tack]
So decide, yeah
Are you going that way or this side

I don’t care if you have a good time
I just want you out of my life yeah
I won’t wife ya[Verse 2: Elijah $tack]
So call me the pharaoh
Cuz I’m ruling over actors
Like you Robert Deniro
Bring em to the execution
No I’m not gonna spare em
In a wasteland so barren
Through these hoes I be tearin
No you never was caring[Bridge 2: Elijah $tack]
Eat it up
Huh, never stop like
Beat it up
Buss it down like
We the ones
We the ones who gon
Bring it down
Run this town
All around[Verse 3: Elijah $tack]
Cuz for this life you cannot change me
Nothing gonna phase me
Money like I’m JAY-Z
Girls they going crazy
Yeah it’s oh so brazy
People wanna praise me
Won’t get this if you lazy
Orange peach like daisy
No one gonna save me
Might get it if you say please
All this ice my face freeze
Yeah she call me baby
You call her your lady
Yeah she wanna lay me
Now you wanna slay me
Fight on Sunday maybe
Feelin' oh so wavy[Part III][Intro: Matoosh]
Yuh, aight
Imma show you what I got, okay
Just give me, like I don't know, two minutes, yo
Aight, hype me up doe, hype me up, hype me up
Ayy, ayy[Verse 4: Matoosh]
I ain't Drake or Travis
Still young I might be the baddest
Poison you like the venom
I wear you like jeans or denim
I open you like a book
4 shots lay dead like you're a crook
Or maybe just punch out your tooth
It won't hurt it'll be smooth
I don't fuck with weed
It makes my brain bleed
Torture you like assassins creed
My bitch look like Riley Reid
That's all I really need
I fly a private jet with the highest airspeed
My family is from Poland
I got my blood flowin'
Strongest country built like Conan
Oxygen the only thing I'm blowin'
My armies like the Romans
Possess you like an omen, you already knowin?
I'm here to make you stress
It's like a game of chess
There's a chance I might make you depressed
All I need is an address
Fuck all those protests
One hit wonder? Nah that was Sheck Wes
I never popped percs
That shit never works
It will leave you being a store clerk
NAV and Gunna on "Turks"
They buyin' birks
They get you off your networks
I'm not repeating that verse
It's almost like a curse
It's boring like if you hit reverse
Maybe I'm just getting worse
Like a shit nurse
Fucks you up then hits the disburse
Throw a body in the freezer
Julius or Caeser
Fuck got a unibrow lemme get my tweezer
I'm just trying to ease her
But shes just a cheater
I got shit on for being a leader
My heart is filled with holes
Can't achieve any goals
My anxiety decided to take the controls
My feet hurting I need soles
Rigged like the polls
Nah life ain't hard neither is dark souls
Well I finally revealed the code
It's a heavy load
Hey Travis let me borrow the antidote
I'm still riding down that road
Quicker than a toad
Yeah, you just saw me going sicko mode

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