G E N D E R L E S S lyrics

Yuh guess who back tho, yah aye Squeaky toby yah

Hey how ya doing, when do we start screwing, oh wait, oh wait, oh wait, oh wait, oh wait
This whole situation got me mixed like a blender, yah yah what is frisk's gender
Is it a boy or a girl, top questions of the world
Come on i need a answer, This whole fanbase is cancer, remember selfies and ipods, well now its the way and tide pods, ooh
Sans can succ my balls, catch him in a vlog of logan paul's on my feet in the street on my knees tryna give frisk this d
Ooh yah ooh yah ooh yah ooh yah

Remember the good days, lean was replaced with kool aid, can we go back yeah you know that i control that im the main man like gaster, sans speak these hands.... sans u a lil bastard, i hope you kick the can
(Squeaky Jr:dude frisk is a bunch of pixels tf is wrong wit you)
(Squeaky:your some type o cancer my dood)
(Squeaky jr:ahem)
(squeaky jr's part)
That was the last time. would mess with me trying to impress me, but its ok
But you dont know me, catch me and your girl on a sunday, i drive a lambo, she going ham tho, she now with sam oh..."i have a question, tf is this rap about, i thot it was about the gender thing,"
Squeaky: Sans is ness

Squeaky – G E N D E R L E S S

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